Veterinary Behavior Consultants     

Dr. Lynne Seibert BS, DVM, MS, PHD, DACVB

IF your pet has been seen at our office by Dr. Seibert in the previous 6 months, AND you are out of refills on any of your prescriptions, use the form below to request refills. Please allow 3-5 days for refill requests to be completed.

​TELEHEALTH RECHECK APPOINTMENTS are only for patients seen at our office in the previous 6 months. If it has been more than 6 months since your last office visit, use the "6-month Recheck, Office Visit" option when scheduling. 

1. Review our cancellation policy 
2. Schedule your appointment online to avoid delays

3. 6-month office recheck appointments are 30-60 minutes
3. A $58 nonrefundable fee is required to set up 6-month rechecks


Veterinary Behavior Consultants will provide medications for no longer than 6 months following your pet’s initial evaluation. After 6 months, if your pet still requires medication, or additional behavior assistance, you will need to return for a follow-up office visit with your pet.

We need to reassess your progress with the behavior modification program, determine what changes are needed, and assess your pet’s health before providing continued assistance or additional refills.  

Alternatively, you can ask your regular veterinarian if they are comfortable taking over responsibility for the prescription(s).  

Please plan ahead before your refills run out and schedule your 6-month follow-up appointment with us or make arrangements to obtain prescriptions from your regular veterinarian.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with this policy and look forward to working with you